• Once Logged in you will be presented with The Dashboard, this will display the website you last edited under this login. If you have more than one website you can access other sites you own using the drop down arrow next to the site title.
    (If you have multiple websites you may choose to email support@jonwebdesign.com.au and ask to combine them into one login so you can see them all in one list)

  • Click the Edit Site button once you have the website your want to edit selected, this will take you into the Sitebuilder Editor.

  • Clicking on Insights is where you can see a few key metrics about the visits to your website, you can sort by Top Pages, Search Terms, Referring Sites, Page Views and Unique Visitors among other settings. If you have an E-commerce website you can also see sales data here.

    Clicking the Close Link will take you back to the main Dashboard.

  • If you have contact forms on your website there will be a section to view entries:
  • Above the Edit site button is the My Account dropdown menu, from here you can access support and the logout options, please contact support if you have any questions.

  • If you wish to add more logins so other people can edit your sites without you sharing your personal login details email support@jonwebdesign.com.au to setup these new accounts.

Please Note: By Default the Dashboard and Sitebuilder Editor will be in English, however you may choose to have it translated using the language drop down to select your preferred language,
Sitebuilder will then be this language as well when you press edit.