1. Once logged into the editor you will be presented with your home page, if this is not the page you wish to edit, browse the site like you normally would and find the page you would like to edit.

  2. As you move the mouse over the page you wish to edit you will notice that everything is made up of elements.

  3. Each element when highlighted has 3 Boxes along its top.

  4. The first (left) is the move/copy function, this will allow you to move this element to another page or copy it so it's duplicated on the current page.

  5. The Second (middle) is the Drag Bar, clicking and holding this will allow you to drag the element and reposition It around the page, a blue line will indicate where the element will be placed once the mouse is released, you can place it next to an element by dragging the element to the site of another element, a vertical blue line will indicate where the element will be placed, when you drop the element you it will either shift content down or up or form a new column depending on where you place it, it’s fairly intuitive when you get used to it.

  6. The Third Box (right) is the Delete Option, clicking this will bring up the prompt” Are you sure?” and a Delete button, clicking delete will remove the entire element and everything in it. Clicking away from the element will cancel the deletion.

  7. To edit an existing text box or heading simply click the text and you can start typing.

  8. To edit or replace an image from an image element click it and a context sensitive menu will appear with the option to replace image, you will be able to drag in a photo or browse to a photo by clicking “Upload a photo from your computer”, once the image is uploaded it will replace the old image, you can resize it buy using the little blue box that appears when you have the image element selected.

  9. Most other elements will have a context sensitive menu when you click them, for example, a gallery or slideshow when clicked will have Add/Edit Photos options, most options that come along with each type of elements are self-explanatory, if you need help please ask Jon Web Design for a demo.

  10. Once you have made edits they must be published for them to appear on the live website, click the Publish Button in the top right-hand corner to save all edits and commit them to the live website.