1. Once logged into the editor to Create a New Page, go to the Pages tab.

  2. Click the “+” in the left-hand Menu, select Standard Page.

  3. Give The Page a Name.

  4. Under Header Type, Select the type of “Short Header”, “Title” or "No Header" for most pages, but what ever looks right for the new page you're setting up.

  5. Click Done to add the blank page.

  6. You will see that the page is now on the bottom of the left-hand list, this list is your site's menu laid out vertically, you can drag the page name through the menu by clicking and dragging it through the exiting pages, you will notice some existing items may be indented slightly, these are drop downs of the unindented item above, to indent a new page under an existing page simply drag it underneath and move it slightly right, you will see it indent and then you can let it go, it’s now a sub menu item of the item above. You can even ident again under a submenu item to create further sub menus.

  7. Once you are happy where the new page is in the menu you can click the Build Tab.

  8. If available you can Add the Headline by Clicking the Text “Click to add Headline” this will be the title element for your page otherwise you can start to drag out elements.

  9. You can create elements from the left menu by clicking and dragging each type of element you want out on the page, you can drag out as many elements as you like.

  10. You can create columns by dragging an element beside another element, you can adjust the columns by hovering over the column line and clicking and dragging it to the right size.

  11. If you wish to display multiple photos instead of dragging them out one by one, you can use a gallery element or a slideshow element on the page.

  12. Enter in all the text into text boxes and upload the photos then your page should be ready to go.

  13. Once you have made edits they must be published for them to appear on the live website, click the Publish Button in the top right-hand corner to save all edits and commit them to the live website.

Please note:  If you wish to just preview how the changes would look before committing them to the live site click the preview button, you can then share this link to people without changing the live site.