Included in your website subscription is 1 hour of training and support per month so you can edit your own website with ease.

To setup a training time please give me a call on 0409790593 or via email to discuss when is best to sit down in front of your computer for a while, all training is provided via remote support software called Team Viewer.

To join a one time remote support session:

  1. Call me on 0409790593 at the arranged time of training.
  2. On your computer visit
  3. Select the remote support app for the operating system you use (Windows or Mac)
  4. Once the file has downloaded run the file and "allow for file to make changes" then wait for your ID to appear.
  5. I will then send you a prompt for remote access, press accept or allow.
  6. At the conclusion of the training session i will log out of the session and you can close team viewer.

To allow me to connect again next time you will need to repeat the process from the start, i will not have remote access to your computer until you allow it again.