My Sitebuilder Solutions take all the headache out of setting up a website, this includes all the traditional things you would need to do to setup and maintain a WordPress or Joomla! CMS Website.

These CMS sites are very powerful but because of there complexity can be confusing for anyone but a web developer or experienced users.

Setting up your own CMS Website Requires:

  1. Purchasing a Domain Name.
  2. Buying Hosting.
  3. Connecting your domain to the hosting.
  4. Stetting up a database inside the hosting for your CMS.
  5. Downloading the CMS from its website and Uploading CMS via FTP.
  6. Going through the CMS Installation and connecting it to the database.
  7. Installing a Theme and required plugins.
  8. Learning the CMS and setting up your website from scratch.
  9. Keeping your CMS up to date with security patches and updates along with all the updates for plugins and themes.

See what i mean? A headache.

Many agencies will offer to setup WordPress or Joomla! for you with a theme and all your information in it. Again while these platforms are very powerful and will succeed in creating you a great website, they can be hard for anyone but the web developer to edit them, the interface is often too complex for people who just want to make information edits to the site. Also because these website's take so much time to setup and maintain your setup costs let alone plus ongoing costs from these agencies can often be higher than Sitebuilder when you add the Hosting and Domain costs on top, this is why with Sitebuilder I have one monthly fee, no setup and design fee, domain, hosting and email included. I keep things simple and predictable to budget for with my solutions.

Jon Web Design had its beginnings on the Joomla! Platform, but what I found after years of experience that clients still had trouble updating their websites or Joomla! Would fallout of date and need manual security updates and patches.

This is why I made the leap to Sitebuilder and converted my entire existing client base to this platform and we have all not looked back, my clients are loving the convenience of being able to edit their website with ease and not have to pay for updates. 

All my Sitebuilder Solutions also included free automatic platform updates and security patches, so as soon as new features come out they are available ready to go, meaning your site will never be out of date.