You can add your email address to Apple Mail on your Mac. 

  1. Open Apple Mail and click Mail.

  2. Click Add Account.
    In Mail Menu, click Add Account

  3. Select Exchange and click Continue.
    Select Exchange, click Continue

  4. Enter your name, Office 365 email address and password.

  5. Click Sign In.
    Enter name, email address, password and click Sign In

     Note: If Microsoft cannot find your account, you will be asked to enter your details manually:

    Username = your Office 365 email address
    Password = your Office 365 email password
    Server =
    Domain = leave blank

  6. Click Done (you can come back and edit these settings at any point).
    Select app settings, click Done

  7. Your account will display and emails will start to load, this can take a few minutes.
    Inbox displays in Apple Mail