Setting up Your Title Tags

The title tag is one of the single most important optimization elements for your site. From a hierarchy perspective the title tag leads the overall topic of your page in the eyes of search engines. Keyword placement in the title tag is not only an important ranking signal, it's also a key factor in clickthrough rates from search pages since the title tag is also the headline represented in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)  


Title tag in search results

Title Tag Best Practices

You should create a custom title tag for every single page and post. This is the headline that tells Google and your visitors what the page is about.

When you create a title tag, think about creating an engaging, short sentence that describes the content of the page and utilizes one or two of your most important keywords. Google displays between 50-60 characters of the title tag in search so try and keep it around that length. 

Optimizing Title Tags in Sitebuilder

From Settings > General > Site Title make sure to uncheck the box "Show title on top of your pages" or else your site name will append to all title tags.

Note: Title Tags are often called Page Titles in the editor.

Standard Pages
Go to the Pages > SEO Settings > Page Title

Product Pages
Go to Store > Products > Product you want to edit > SEO Settings > Page Title

Blog Posts
While editing an individual blog post go to Post Options > Advanced > SEO Post Title

Storefront Pages
Go to Store > Storefront > Advanced Options > SEO Page Title